CBRD initiates the Social Enterprise Research Network

Last February 22, 2017, the DLSU Center for Business Research and Development (CBRD) introduced its Social Enterprise Research Network (SERN) initiative during a social enterprise learning session sponsored by the Lasallian Social Enterprise and Economic Development (LSEED) program of DLSU-COSCA, which was held at Yuchengco Hall Multipurpose Room 302. SERN aims to harness the initiatives of researchers, faculty, students, and practitioners to form a network that advances social enterprise management and social entrepreneurship.

SERN’s envisioned activities – the 3Rs

SERN Fellows Dr. Raymund Habaradas and Mr. Patrick Aure presented the network’s envisioned activities to attending Lasallian faculty, students, and LSEED fellows.

(1) Research and advocacy

The primary activity of SERN, as a network under the confines of a higher educational institution, is to undertake social enterprise and social entrepreneurship research.  Utilizing activities and resources within the college (e.g. initiatives of faculty to tap internal research funding; growing interest of students to take SE as thesis topics), while being open to external funding opportunities, SERN aims to produce a portfolio of rigorous research relevant to the Philippines and the region.

(2) Repository of research data and knowledge products

Since 2013, faculty and students affiliated with SERN’s founders have been contributing to a social enterprise case study database featuring topics on challenges and strategies, incubation, and financing.  SERN aims to make the database accessible to social enterprise researchers to push the field forward.  The network also intends to share published research by the network’s authors, as well as curate scholarly and web literature relevant to SE research.  In addition to producing scholarly research as knowledge products, SERN aspires to create practitioner and student-friendly materials such as business notes, newspaper articles, and teaching cases.

(3) Relations, partnerships, and collaboration

As a network, SERN relishes the opportunity to work with experts in scholarship and practice to tackle various social enterprise issues.  SERN is excited to explore partnerships with LSEED and Gawad Kalinga.


SERN Research Lab

SERN also announced its pilot activity called the ‘SERN Research Lab’, which invites interested researchers, students, and SE advocates every Thursday, 2:30pm to 4:00pm to discuss potential SE research and ideas.  The SERN Research Lab is held at the 2nd floor of the Faculty Center, beside the CBRD Satellite Office.


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