On avoiding statistical malpractice in inferential statistics

The De La Salle University (DLSU) Center for Business Research and Development held a seminar last February 24, 2017, entitled “Getting Real about Statistical Inference in Management Research: Avoiding statistical malpractice to gain actionable insight from data.” The speaker was Dr. Benito Teehankee, a full professor from the DLSU Management and Organization Department.

Throughout his 34 years as DLSU faculty, Dr. Teehankee has taught statistics, research methods, sociology, action research, humanistic management, workplace spirituality, corporate governance, business ethics, management theory, and business analytics. He is also a Chair for Research of the Shareholders Association of the Philippines, Vice Chair for the CSR Committee of the Management Association of the Philippines, and a member of the Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee on Business Administration Education.

Dr. Teehankee’s talk focused on how “the digital age has greatly accelerated the growth in the amounts of data available to managers.” He cited how challenging it is to integrate realistic principles and “common sense” into the statistical inferences conducted in both academic and professional researches.

To remedy this, Dr. Teehankee recommends having a sound management perspective in order to make better sense of the data available. Under a sound management perspective, the researchers are not completely fixated on the statistical methods or models that they use, but also consider the impact of real world factors to the study.

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