ASEAN academic partnerships for small business and ICT knowledge transfer

The project initiates collaboration between universities in Australian and ASEAN countries in the area of small business use of information and communications technology (ICT) — a sector that is intrinsically vital to both areas. People-to-people linkages will be established across four universities, enabling a forum to promote knowledge transfers that will encourage and focus on programs that highlight the value of modern ICT when used by small operators. An important outcome will be to foster ongoing collaboration between participating universities and the incorporation of ICT and small business elements into their academic research, training programs and doctoral supervision in their local region.

The project will increase the capacity of ASEAN academics to better understand the importance of ICT to the small business sector. A group of academics will travel to Australia for a knowledge transfer intensive that informs how to best create training content for small business, build research groups and foster doctoral student interests relating to small business use of ICT. The Australian intensive will include seminars, industry speakers and business visits. The knowledge gained will be subsequently shared with colleagues in respective countries through local workshops using an ICT toolkit (an outcome of the Australian workshop). The ASEAN workshop presentations and materials will be made available online to extend the knowledge reach to academics unable to attend the workshops. An important outcome will be the development of local leadership, promoting ICT and small business knowledge pursued through research, training and doctoral programs. Ongoing collaborations between participating institutions will continue beyond the project’s timeframe.

You may access full details about the project background and project members via the link:

AAC Workshops – Project background and personnel biographies

Photo albums of different events are uploaded at CBRD’s official Facebook page.  You may access them via the following links:

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Access the project background and members here:

AAC Workshops – Project background and personnel biographies