CBRD Working Papers

The CBRD Working Paper Series contitutes studies that are preliminary and subject to further revisions. They are being circulated to stimulate discussion and to solicit comments and suggestions that will help the author refine his or her paper, in preparation for subsequent publication in peer-reviwed academic journals.


Authors: Juan Carlos Barcelon, John Gerald Dulay, Lance Miguel, Josemaria Rustia, and Danica Camille Yu

Author: Armando Ricardo J. Aguado

Author: Shieradel V. Jimenez

Authors: Selena Almonte, Beatrice Aira Chua, Inna Yssabel Lao, Katrina Urrutia

Authors: Marga Camara, Razel Lim, Luigi Natanauan, Jason Pascual

Authors: Mika Alixa A. Adarna, Judy Ann D. Chen, Reginald Anton F. Hong, Shaira Jill D. Sera Jose

Author: Marie Annette G. Dacul


Author: Dr. Aida L. Velasco


Author: Dr. Divina M. Edralin

Authors: Dr. Marivic Valenzuela-Manalo and Dr. Romeo G. Manalo

Author: Dr. Benito L. Teehankee

Author: Dr. Neriza M. Delfino

Authors: Dr. Raymund B. Habaradas and Mar Andriel Umali